System Architecture & System Requirements

NQcontent Architecture

NQcontent architecture is based on open standards application server and state-of-the-art database technologies.

NQcontent is a cross platform CMS able to run as a native .NET Application or under J2EE application servers using Adobe ColdFusion. Content is stored in supported databases.

A 100% browser based backoffice ensures accessibility to the system from anywhere (firewall security permitting). The component based architecture enables the system to be separated into multi-server installations or clusters.

System Requirements

NQcontent is a multi-platform application and can be installed under a number of alternative operating systems and databases Below you will find a list of server and client requirements for NQcontent:

Web Servers:

  • Microsoft IIS6 and above for .NET version
  • Microsoft IIS 5 and above for Coldfusion version
  • Apache Web Server or other supported by Coldfusion (Coldfusion version only)

Application Servers:

  • Runs under the .NET Framework as a .NET Framwork Assembly
  • Coldfusion version only:
    • Under Coldfusion integrated Jrun server
    • JRun 4 (Coldfusion version only
    • Websphere
    • Any J2EE application server supported by Adobe ColdFusion

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 2003 and above for the .NET version
  • For the Coldfusion version:
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 and above
    • RedHat Linux 7.2 and above
    • Sun Solaris 9 and above
    • Other operating systems supported by Adobe Coldfusion


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3 +
  • Oracle 10g

Client Environments:

  • Internet Explorer 6 and above required for full backoffice functionality



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